Flow Motion


I woke up a little before 4 a.m. today. I instantly started thinking to myself how badly I wanted to be asleep again. I was pissed I was awake and not happy my brain was already firing up for the day. Like most people, I’m assuming, I laid there in bed a little while longer before saying fuck it and getting up. Writing this, or more accurately, thinking about writing this, is what initially fired my brain up this morning.

I started thinking about the rhythm my life has and how good it feels when that rhythm starts humming. There’s definitely times in my life when everything seems to run smoothly and effortlessly. There’s times when, regardless of what I’m doing, it feels like the Universe has cleared the path of any roadblocks and it’s all smooth sailing. I start to sync up with myself and the rhythm of my thoughts and my actions become one. I don’t have to think about what I’m doing, it just happens. For me, this is the “flow state”.

I love this state and I love when I find myself there. While I was laying in bed this morning trying to force my brain off so I could get just a few more hours of sleep, I was thinking about writing this. I was thinking about this topic and how often I’m in that state, as well as, how often I’m not. I also thought of the calling it “Flow Motion”.

Flow Motion- “The art of living and being, where everything aligns, thoughts and actions become one.”

Now before you start Googling, I’m sure I’m not the first person to ever have the clever idea of calling this state “Flow Motion”. If you do in fact get lost down the Google rabbit hole and find out I am the first, please let me know. I need to hashtag it and collect my millions for contributing my witty wordplay to society before it’s too late.


I love being in flow motion. I feel like Neo in the Matrix whenever it happens. Unstoppable. But, then it stops. Then the rhythm of the moment changes and flow motion shifts. It shifts into going through the motions instead of being one with them. Life becomes a struggle and a grind. Nothing goes the way I planned and the Universe is throwing up roadblock after roadblock.

Balance, right? How can I recognize and appreciate being in flow motion if there wasn’t an anti-flow motion? I try to appreciate both places and also try to remind myself, they’re both temporary states of being. Temporary moments in time that will come and will go. Waves of rhythm and energy constantly flowing in my life. Each one part of the other and equally important in this thing called life.

I’m simply aiming to ride each wave as long as I can and embrace the suck as much as I embrace the flow.