Everyday I try and I fail.

I try to be a better Father and still manage to piss my kids off.

I try to be a better Husband and still feel I disappoint her everyday.

I think about exercising but never step outside.

Meditate…….but scroll through shit on my phone instead.

I should call my Father today and don’t even manage a text.

There’s a lawn outside that needs to be mowed. A car in the driveway that needs to be washed.

My Son needs a Father to lead him and my Daughters need a Father to connect to them.

The roof is leaking, seriously we have a leaky roof, and I can’t fix it.

I try everyday and most days I fail when it comes to succeeding.

Fail when it comes to succeeding everywhere and when it comes to everything.

But today I woke up and thought about writing this and I did.

Today all of my children will leave the house with a hug and a kiss from me.

I’ll probably get some dishes done today.

My Wife and I will connect today.

She will know today that I love her, just as she did yesterday and will tomorrow.

I will think about that exercise again and may even go for a walk.

Each day I show up and I try and each day I show up and I fail.

I keep practicing this thing called Life and I love everyday of it.

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